Apnea, means breath holding or breatless in Latin. You may not be familiar with this term. But in Europe, apnea is common as a generic term for underwater sports which accompanying the breath holding, i.e. deep free-diving, underwater target-shooting, spear fishing, underwater-hockey, underwater photography, etc.

Chris Borg Cardona performing during the 2nd world cup Apnea Free-diving Competition representing the Malta team.

The most famous apnea sport is deep free diving, which was theme of the movie "Le Grand Blue". The great French diver Jaques Mayol reached to -102m in 1978 by the discipline of No Limits Variable Weight, now the record is grown to -150m which was set by Italian, Umberto Pellizari in October 24th, 1999.

No knowledge, no friend, dive alone - what a terrible situation it is! Our objective is to make the safe and good environments for free-divers and increase the people who really loves sea and nature.

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